About Molecular Expressionist Art...

Pictured here is an overview of original oil paintings that chemist, educator and artist G.D. Venerable II has completed over a 40 year period. Many are artistic commissions done for research scientists--including four Nobel Prize winners in chemistry--at various universities from UCLA to Chicago, Maryland, Michigan, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, Wisconsin, and the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has also done commissioned works for the General Electric corporation and art collectors in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Aside from its visionary, deep space look-and-feel, this art genre pushes the envelope of aesthetic possibility as it portrays molecular structure, chemical reaction mechanisms, and their underlying scientific principles.

The origins of molecular expressionist art are chronicled in G.D. Venerables forthcoming memoir, A Double Trilogy entitled "When Atoms Dance on Indigo Waters: Scenes from the Journey in Art, Science, and Imagination"

Artist's Featured Art Gallery

Giclee-on-canvas reproductions and posters may be ordered for many of these works.

Small - 14x18 inches, Medium - 18 x 24, Large - 24 x 30